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“Hansei” in Japanese, means “Reflection”… Reflection of what one truly is. All improvement starts from this knowledge…either evident to oneself, or as reflected back by a third party.

Demonstrate Responsibility

Caring longevity of the organisation and sustainability fon the world we live in

Build Trust

Relationships based on humility, Integrity, intent, capability, and results

Pursue Knowledge

Profound knowledge and wisdom, based on practice and reflection

Focus on People

Respect and Nurturing of everyone connected with the team

Act with Concern for Clients

Intimacy with customer needs and delivery of world-class solutions


Inspired by the Eagle, soaring higher, providing aspirational recognition in excellence for organisations, in every sector, everywhere


Facilitating organisations in their quest for excellence by leveraging contemporary diagnostic tools & practices, aligned with the Kaizen Way

Hansei Ethos

Hansei Ethos

The “Pursue Wisdom” (the third in the list of values), defines Profound knowledge and wisdom based on practice and reflection

Hansei (“Reflection” in Japanese) indulges in cerebral activities and programs in conjunction with other lean principles and continuous improvement philosophies.

Never flouting the core values, Hansei Ethos will always point passionate companies in the right direction, knowing that they will be advised on tried and tested methods

Being a part of the Journey to Excellence, really deserves your time…and reflection of ones performance at milestiones, is a necessary part of this journey


Vinod Grover
Vinod Grover Partner and Chief Mentor, Kaizen Hansei Managing Director, Kaizen Institute SAIN & Kaizen Institute Consulting Group AFAE Read more
Jayant Murthy
Jayant Murthy Partner. Kaizen Hansei Joint Managing Director Kaizen Institute - India, South Asia and Africa. Read more
Raghavendra Rao
Raghavendra Rao Partner and CEO, Kaizen Hansei LLP Read more
Ravindra Singh
Ravindra Singh Director, Kaizen Hansei LLP Read more

About Kaizen Institute

Over the last three decades, Kaizen Institute has been the leading provider of a sustainable, competitive advantage for all industries. Our clients achieve successful organizational transformations with a long term, people based excellence system. We help them improve quality, cost, delivery, service and motivation which leads to better results, growth and development. Our defined methodologies increase the ability to change and significantly transform the organizational culture.

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About Patona Consulting

Patona Consulting LLP is a Strategic Advisory entity formed in 2020 by a team of individuals, each with over 2 decades of experience in Senior Management positions in their respective organisations.

Patona and its partners have been consulting clients on Strategic matters, short term solutioning, Valuation advisory and in matters pertaining to Digital Manufacturing. Clients are spread across India and Middle East.

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