The Responsible Manufacturer An Initiative To Expedite ESG Adoption in Manufacturing

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  • Synchronise Excellence Initiatives with those of Resource Conservation and Sustainable practices
  • Subtly facilitate adoption of Risk Prioritisation and Mitigation activities.
  • Use a global platform to further the cause.
  • Emphasize that the only sustainable way of doing this is by rendering the process financially sustainable.
  • Partnering with relevant institutions, for eg, financial institutions, to provide benefit to Qualifiers
  • To create a credibly healthy platform for meritorious recognition
  • To add value to ESG and other green initiatives of manufacturing organizations

Participation Stages

Data Submission
Pre Assessment Dialogue
  1. On Site Assessment
  2. Dialogue with Corporate Roles

Merit Based Recognition

Opportunities for Improvement

TRM- ESG Level

Environment Stewardship


People & Communities


Risk & Governance


TRM- ESG Level

TRM - E Level

  1. Green Awareness
    • Carbon Footprint Assessment
    • Communication & Reporting
  2. Green Operations
    • Energy Efficiency & Renewable Sources
    • Yield and Waste of Materials
    • Water Usage & Pollution
    • Air Pollution & Emissions
    • Ecological Damage
  3. Green Supply Chain
    • Involvement & Development of suppliers
    • Transport optimization
    • Freedom of Association
  4. Green Product
    • Reduction of Hazardous materials
    • 3R of Non Biodegradable material
    • Maximization of life cycle
    • Eco-design


  • Social Indicator Reporting
  • Labour Practice Indicator
  • Diversity Indicator
  • Human Rights Consideration
  • Human Capital Development
  • Risk Culture Inculcation
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Customer Rights & Privileges


  • Materiality Aspects
  • Risk Management Responsibility
  • Emergent Risks Consideration
  • Code of Conduct Enforcement
  • Client Relationships
  • Brand Governance
  • Information Governance/ Cyber security
  • Governance Structure with Authority Checks and Balances

Recognition Categories

850 to 1000

TRM- ESG Level : TRM India ICON
TRM - E Level : India Environment ICON

750 to 850

TRM- ESG Level : TRM Platinum
TRM - E Level : Environment Platinum

600 to 750

TRM- ESG Level : TRM Gold
TRM - E Level : Environment Gold

450 to 600

TRM- ESG Level : TRM Silver
TRM - E Level : Environment Silver

250 to 450


TRM - E Level

Green Awareness


Green Operations


Green Supply Chain


Green Product


*Based on the "Total Environment Management" framework of Kaizen Institute.


December 2023
April 2024
Data Submission
June 2024
Pre Assessment Dialogue
August 2024
Site Visits/ Dialogue with Corporate Roles
December 2024
Conference & Prize Ceremony
Data Submission
Pre Assessment Dialogue
Site Visits/ Dialogue with Corporate Roles
Conference & Prize Ceremony

Benefits of Participation

Investor Oriented (ESG)
  • ESG becoming a key criteria for supplier selection.
  • Reduction in cost of energy, reduction in waste and enhancement in water security measures
  • Enhanced productivity
Benchmarking (Limited)
  • Non-Confidential Information sharing by Assessors.
  • Comparison of achieved scored with Industry level averages of metrics.
  • Suggestions on superior alternatives in processes and practices (as and when relevant)
(through Sharing)
  • Highly Experienced Assessors
  • Learning from Industry best practices
  • Reduced cost fo Non Compliance
  • Better Human capital and social indicator creation.
(In Media)
  • Credible recognition in OTT/Daily backed by the globally renowned Kaizen Institute
  • Recognition amongst Media partners
  • Optional Promotion into PE firms ad Investment banks

Advisory Panel

Dr. Arvind Bodhankar

Executive Director & Chief Risk Officer, Dalmia Bharat

Naresh Patil

Former Deputy CSO, Mahindra & Mahindra

Jayanth Murthy

Joint Managing Director, Kaizen Institute, SAIN

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